A safer internet means a safer world

Jigsaw is a unit within Google that forecasts and confronts emerging threats, creating future-defining research and technology to keep our world safer.

Upholding technology as a force for good

We identify emerging technology threats that destabilize the internet and our society. We develop cutting-edge research and technology to counter these threats, and help defend civil society, journalists, activists and those at the forefront of digital conflict.


As the tactics for coordinated disinformation campaigns become more sophisticated, we’re building new technology to strengthen our collective defenses.


Most of the world experiences some form of censorship online. We’re building tools to enable people to participate in the open internet.


Amidst the rise of coordinated attacks to silence people, we’re developing new technology to reduce toxicity online and create more space for healthy conversation.

Violent Extremism

We conduct research and build technology to help identify and intervene in the online recruiting process of violent extremist groups.

Our Approach

We forecast emerging threats and identify how technology can make people safer.

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A publication for today’s digital challenges and solutions

The Current is a publication from Jigsaw that examines the evolving role of technology, people, and society in countering some of the most significant challenges that destabilize the internet.

The Current 001

The Current 001


Our first issue explores how disinformation campaigns work. These campaigns are becoming more sophisticated, but so are the countermeasures. Discover how researchers and technologists are finding new ways to expose these campaigns and fight back.