A safer internet means a safer world

Jigsaw is a unit within Google that explores threats to open societies, and builds technology that inspires scalable solutions.

Upholding technology as a force for good

We look for high-impact interventions, where focusing on helping a specific group of people—journalists, civil society, or activists, for example—makes the internet and society stronger and safer for everyone. Our focus areas address some of the most complex challenges facing open societies.


As disinformation campaigns become more sophisticated, we’re building new technology to strengthen our collective defenses.


Most of the world experiences some form of online censorship. We’re building and scaling tools to enable people to participate in the open internet.


Toxic language online silences important voices. We’re exploring how machine learning can reduce toxicity online and create more space for healthy conversation.

Violent Extremism

We study how violent extremist groups use technology, and how to thwart their online recruiting process.

Our Approach

We forecast emerging threats and explore how technology can protect individuals and societies.

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