Harassment Manager is an open source codebase for a web application that allows users to document and manage abuse targeted at them on social media, starting with Twitter.

Harassment Manager helps users easily identify and document harmful posts, mute or block perpetrators of harassment, and hide harassing replies to their own tweets. Individuals can review tweets based on hashtag, username, keyword or date, and leverage our Perspective API to detect comments that are most likely to be toxic.

Harassment Manager was developed in partnership with Twitter, as well as dozens of journalists, activists, human rights and civil society organizations who provided input throughout its entire development. More information is available on Jigsaw’s Medium page.

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Open Source Code

In order to empower those directly supporting targets of online abuse, the Harassment Manager code has been open sourced and is available for developers to access. The code repository and more information about implementation can be found on Jigsaw’s GitHub.

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Community Tools

Nonprofits and other organizations are leveraging the Harassment Manager code to make versions of the tool that are adapted to the needs of their communities. We will showcase a list of tools as they become available below.

Thomson Reuters Foundation


Thomson Reuters Foundation

The Thomson Reuters Foundation leverages the combined power of journalism and the law to advance media freedom, foster more inclusive economies, and promote human rights. TRFilter is a free tool that allows journalists to document and manage online harassment and abuse, so they can regain control of their social media feeds, take action against perpetrators, and protect their wellbeing.

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